Next Meeting is the Sketch Meeting

Hello everyone,

I think we were supposed to have the live sketch/storyboard thing this week (I forgot about that when I posted my agenda – my apologies). At any rate, since that’s the next step in moving the process forward I would encourage you to attend next weeks meeting (especially stepped pyramids and Effigy_Power, who are the principals on this exercise, I believe). After next week, Merve and I were discussing making the meetings less regular, since attendance is lagging and there’s little point in having “no update” meetings. I was thinking that we could decide the date of the next meeting next week.

General Chat 9-8-13

10:03 PM – Merve: Let’s get started.

10:03 PM – Merve: First order of business: updates from the art team

10:05 PM – Effigy_Power: Well, my update is this: I can’t really draw the style, so I will take myself further out of the process and mostly coordinate the one other artist who I’ve seen online recently. Also since there seem to have been no meetings for the last 2 weeks and I’ve seen no news, we’ve been mostly on suspended progress.

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General Chat 8-25-13, sort of

10:09 PM – stepped pyramids: So in case I get called away to dinner before this actually gets into swing, most of what I have to comment on is in this post:

10:10 PM – Effigy_Power: That’s quite a bit of work

10:10 PM – emperorjarin: But, it’s gonna need to be done sooner or later no doubt

10:11 PM – Effigy_Power: Well… yeah, that’s certainly true

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Sunday Meeting of August 18th

This Sunday’s meeting was an altogether informal affair, since so many of us are busy with moving and babies and other side-quests.

We affirmed what our immediate jobs are per department, I informed everyone that my art books are there, so improvement is at least a possibility. Stepped has some issues with his laptop he is fixin’ to fix, so there’s that.

We concluded after a fairly short time, again due to the absence of most members and not because we felt lazy, no Sir. But my placement props are filling out and soon we should have some placeholders for the dog, the old man, his son, the woman and the cart. Then we can see some stuff moving.

Apart from that, business as usual and every forward.

- The Week That Was July 22nd to August 10th 2013 –

Bane’s Summary of Recent Events: Note that this covers 3 weeks. Nothing happened one week, and I got behind for the other two.

- Programming is currently working on creating a graphical framework for the initial background and props that the art team has worked on.
- Design will have to have discussions about limiting the scope of the game to something that’s realistic in the immediate term.
- We’re looking to have some kind of alpha product in 5 – 6 months.

- There is some debate about game titles going on in the forums.
- Vinnybushes recommends Happy People: A Year in the Taiga, a Herzog documentary about a small isolated Russian village, for background info.

- Stepped Pyramids set up a gihub site for the game.
- Stepped is also plugging in a project management tool into the github site.
- Programming will begin looking into designing the structure underneath the game, now that the art assets have been produced.

- Design team will create whatever characters are needed for the game, with other teams then filling in details about them or linking up those characters to existing characters. Characters should be somewhat historically accurate, but not strictly so. If it fits with the tone, they are fine. We’re not (necessarily) going to have a boyar.
- In light of reservations from programming regarding the complexity of the game as current described, design is going to look at seriously downgrading the plans for the game, at least for the time being. As even the prototype will likely take 6 months to produce, attention should be focused on perfecting this element.

- Effigy_Power uploaded the staging props (mock up of the prototype) here:
- Girard will work with writing team to figure out any pictograms that need to be developed.

- Writing team is working on dialogue for the prototype. There will be actual dialogue, although not that much of it (preference is for a spare style). A rough draft will be posted soon.
- Emperorjarin posted a rough plot outline:

- Lets make something worth protecting before we make a company.

Domo Placeholder BG and props

Instead of uploading them here, I created an imgbox gallery where I can add and delete stuff easily. I might move it here eventually.
The bg is 720px high, with the texture around just being a placeholder for whatever we need for framing and so on. The props are all saved with transparency, so they can be moved around without covering anything. I will supply a screenshot also in the same gallery that shows the placement.
I colored the props rudimentary to point to them a bit more clearly.
This really is the easiest way to do it. We can gradually replace the preliminary stuff with better looking things without having to worry much about what it looks like now.
More props and some character placeholders will follow this week.

General Chat 8-11-13

10:02 PM – Merve: First on the agenda: updates from the art team.

10:02 PM – Merve: What do you have for us?

10:02 PM – Effigy_Power: Ah yes, the mockup prototype is done tomorrow

10:02 PM – Effigy_Power: How should I upload it?

10:03 PM – Merve: Good.

10:03 PM – Effigy_Power: Right now it’s a PSD with movable layers

10:03 PM – Merve: Umm…I dunno

10:03 PM – Merve: Bane, you wanna field that one?

10:03 PM – Effigy_Power: But I guess someone might want the props to be PNGs with transparency

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General Chat 8-4-13

Transcriptographer’s note: This time I edited out a bit of the non-game dev chat to make this a little smaller and easier to read through. I still have the full copy with all the jokes. If you mentioned something relevant that isn’t here let me know. -aklab

10:01 PM – Merve: Okay, let’s kick off game dev chat.

10:01 PM – Merve: First order of business: updates from the art team.

10:01 PM – Merve: What’s your progress on the staging?

10:02 PM – Effigy_Power: Well, I was on vacation so the progress is exactly 0%

10:02 PM – Effigy_Power: Well, not zero

10:02 PM – Effigy_Power: But no more than before

10:02 PM – Merve: Fair enough.

10:03 PM – Merve: We were wondering if you had any updates from the art team?

10:03 PM – Effigy_Power: And I said that I was way too busy being miserable to draw

10:03 PM – Paraclete Pizza: None that I’m aware of.

10:04 PM – Merve: It’s time for the design team update.

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Rough plot outline

So, the domovoi has lived in the hunter’s house his entire life, taking care of the house and playing pranks on the villagers via use of the underground, and the villagers’ domovoya have done the same in turn. A year before the game begins, the patriarch of the player’s house fell ill, and has been taken care of by the domovoi ever since. Because of the prolonged illness, the domovoi hasn’t been paying attention to the goings-on of the village, and as a result never realized that the rest of the village fell on hard times at the same time. During this period of hardship, either Kochei or some other villain passed through and demanded the town leader give him food and shelter. When the leader refused, having no food to offer the man, the town was cursed, and all supernatural forces aiding the village were banished. The hunter’s domovoi was spared thanks to the distance from the village proper, but it discovered the underground passages it used to pull off pranks had been sealed by the curse placed upon the village. As the curse is broken in other houses, the passages become unsealed, for an effect to be determined later (like a bonus to connected houses or something, any house whose puzzle has not been solved is still cursed and thus cannot use the underground)